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This Hard to Find Scene is for Upscale Bi-Curious Gents

Miss Kenzie Taylor is proud to offer you a chance to indulge in all your Bi-Curious, Group or Cuckold fantasies & Roleplay scenes in a clean safe environment.

Meet Miss Taylor & Her Guys

They specialize in MMF Bi-Curious 3-somes that allow you to decide just how curious you would like to be. They are also available to perform for you if you enjoy playing the part of the "voyeur".

Here are a few examples of scenes that they love to provide for those who seek them:


- Forced Bi Scenes where you are co-erced or forced to perform by Miss Taylor on her erect and wating guy.
This scene is best for those who wish to incorporate their bi-curious fantasies with the act of submission to a strict and demanding Mistriss. This scene could also include some cross dressing and strap-on play...

-Cuckold Fantasy where Miss Taylor play's your wife who forces you to watch and/or help her get pleasured by her big hard lover while you watch and wait for the end result. Then you are forced to clean her up, anyway you like....


- MMF 3somes where all 3 of you are in bed together with the focus being on the lovely lady. All ands are wandering & caressing while both of you males are becoming excited. Miss Taylor alternates between stimulating you and her guy until you are both ready and erect. There are no concerns about who touches who and how, just 3 arroused people trying to occupy all the may even help him slip inside. Your interaction with her guy, or his with you, is completely controlled by you.

Which one is best for you? Or you can create your own...

Also, Miss Taylors Guys are available for one on one play and if you're a bit shy, ask Miss Taylor about having her guys wear a blindfold for your comfort...Please email for information about her guys:

Dont Be Shy!


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